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Hum, are they going to create the biggest botnet ever seen ?

"Green Dam" is a software used for monitoring and anti-pornography, popularizing by
Chinese goverment. After July 1st, it will be forced to install on all new Chinese PCs.
Now it already has 50 million copies in China.
In order to monitor the URL that user is exploring, Green Dam injected the browser
process. When Green Dam is trying to handle a long URL, a stack overflow will occur in the
browser process.
This exploit can be used for exploitation on IE, on those computers installed Green Dam.
I used the .net binary to deploy shellcode, for it`s more stable than Heap Spray, and able
to bypass DEP and ASLR on Vista.
The exploit page contains a .net control, so it should be published on IIS.


# milw0rm.com [2009-06-12]
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