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Understanding the Windows EAL4 Evaluation

"An EAL4 rating means that you did a lot of paperwork related to the software process, but says absolutely nothing about the quality of the software itself. There are no quantifiable measurements made of the software, and essentially none of the code is inspected. Buying software with an EAL4 rating is kind of like buying a home without a home inspection, only more risky. "

"In the case of the CAPP protection profile, there actually isn't much point to doing anything better than a low-confidence evaluation, because the requirements set itself is very weak. In effect, you would be saying "My results are inadequate, but the good news is that I've done a lot of work so that I can be really sure that the results are inadequate.

"Security isn't something that a large group can do well. It is something achieved by small groups of experts. Adding more programmers and more features makes things worse rather than better. Microsoft has been adding features demanded by their customers for a very long time. "

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